As a keenly driven four year old, Christie was sure of what she would be when she grew up: a whale trainer at Sea World. However after uncovering a lack of swimming acumen, a skin allergy to cold temperatures, and an overall disgust at the smell of raw fish, Christie set her sights on writing. Since this childhood epiphany, Christie has partaken in a number of different writing adventures. Some of these include: running her school newspaper, acquiring an English degree from the University of Connecticut, being published by a number of online outlets, and most recently, building a Technical Writing department at PA based start-up Monetate.

When she isn’t putting pen to paper, Christie can be found reading comics with guided view on her iPad, playing video games while sitting entirely too close to her oversized TV, or proving to her friends that she is still just as competitive as she was as an NCAA athlete by trying too hard at recreational sports. Christie also enjoys hiking and exploring nature, but only when her boyfriend is around to warn her about the poisonous plants she is about to step in.

Christie can be contacted via email at or on twitter @Christie_Houser


A look inside the mind of a wrangler of words, stopper of pucks, player of games, reader of comics, and oftentimes overly verbose human.